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Emergency Preparedness


Emergency preparedness is everyone’s responsibility 

Local governments are expected to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to a variety of potential emergency situations from severe weather to domestic terrorism. When an emergency occurs, they are ready to meet the critical needs of the community as a whole. 

Individuals have a similar responsibility to take steps to ensure that they are prepared to care for the needs of their household during an emergency. Numerous actual emergencies have demonstrated that citizens who accept this important responsibility fare much better than those who do not. Personal preparedness also reduces or eliminates unnecessary burdens on emergency responders at a time when resources are already stretched to the limit. 

Air quality information

What's causing the smoky haze in our area? Should I be concerned for my health? The following resources and maps will help you gauge air quality and precautions you should take to protect your health.

Colorado Air Quality - Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment - Air quality information - Air quality information

  1. Are you prepared?
  2. Sign up for emergency alerts
  3. Prepare an emergency kit
  4. More information

Questions to consider

  • Do you and your family have a plan in case of emergency?
  • Does your business have a plan in case of emergency?
  • Is your family prepared to cope with a disaster if you are called upon to assist in the disaster response?
  • Have you planned evacuations?
  • Do you have a family reunification plan if you are separated during an event?
  • Do you have a communication plan that will work even if technology is unavailable?
  • Do you have a survival cache only at your home or is it with you and accessible at all times?
  • Are you able to assist your neighbors, if necessary?
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