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Dalla Mountain Park


  1. Bouldering/Climbing
  2. Multi-Use, Non-Motorized Trail
  3. Natural Surface Trail
  4. Open Space
  5. Parking

Dalla Mountain Park was acquired by the City with generous support of community residents and a grant from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) in 2005 from the Jake Dalla family. The creation of this mountain park, second after Overend Mountain Park, helped inspire Durango's 2005 Parks and Recreation sales tax.

This open space area is unique to the City's open spaces because of its rock formations, making it home to one of the highest concentrations of rock climbing/bouldering of any city limits in Colorado. Looping trails provide great hiking and technical mountain biking as well. Tall ponderosa pines are mixed into the pinyon juniper forest, providing intermittent shade to trail visitors. 

Nearly 5 miles of trails on City-owned land connect seamlessly to trails located on the adjacent, BLM-owned Animas City Mountain for over 20 miles of trails in this trail system. Animas City Mountain hosts important wildlife habitat, so is seasonally closed to protect these key areas. Trails in Dalla Mountain Park and at the base of the mountain remain open year round. City of Durango leash law is in effect at Dalla Mountain Park.

The City partners with La Plata Open Space Conservancy in preserving this land with a conservation easement, Durango Trails in building and maintaining the trail system, and Durango Climbers Coalition in stewarding the bouldering sites.

  • Acreage: 177.8
  • Trails: 5 miles (connecting to 15+ miles on adjacent BLM land)
  • Trailheads: 3 trailheads provide direct access into Dalla Mountain Park (2 additional trailheads at adjacent lands provide connectivity)
  • Parking: Primary parking lot located at 3234 Junction Street is gravel with dog bag dispenser and trash can
  • Day Use Area:
    • Closed to Camping
    • Closed to Smoking, Campfires, or Fireworks
    • Closed to Motorized Vehicles (Including E-Bikes)
    • Closed to Hunting and Discharge of a Weapon

Organized groups and special events may apply for a park permit for Dalla Mountain Park.