Green Events Guide

Special events draw thousands of visitors to Durango every year, and are part of what makes our community a vibrant place to live, work and play.

Events can also be resource intensive.

Consider reducing the environmental footprint of your event and saving money and resources by considering:


Waste Reduction

Check out the City's Zero Waste Event guide and learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle here: Event Recycling.JPG Opens in new window

Energy Use

The energy required for an event varies depending upon whether the event is held indoors or outside. If the event is held indoors, try to find a location that uses natural day-lighting or renewable sources of energy. If the event is held outside, plan the event during daylight hours, when electricity won't be needed for lighting. In addition, if possible, hold the event at a location that is accessible by bicycle routes, trails, sidewalks or mass transit.

Local Sources of Food & Products

Using local products reduces energy demands in the form of fuel for transportation, and it boosts our local economy!

Pollution Prevention

Hold your event at a location accessible by alternative modes of transportation and encourage participants to use them. Provide a bicycle valet service for participant convenience.

Public Outreach & Education

In all marketing materials, encourage participants to carpool to the event or use alternative transportation, bring their own water bottle or cup, and to recycle their waste rather than placing it in trash bins. Post volunteers at each recycling station to assist participants and to educate about recycling. Advertise your efforts to host a green event!