Plant Investment Fees

Water & Sewer PIFs

Plant Investment Fees (PIFs), sometimes referred to as "tap fees" or Water Plantdevelopment fees are paid for new buildings or residential unit connecting into the City's water and sewer system.

Resolution No. R-2015-57 - Effective January 1, 2016

Resolution No. R-2015-58 - Effective January 1, 2016


Water Residential

Meter SizeCost
Single Unit Dwelling
Up to 0.75(3/4")$6,039
1 1/2"$19,496
Multi Unit Dwellings (including duplexes)$6,039 for the first dwelling unit in each building, $3,019 for each additional unit within same building.
Second Detached dwelling unit - 600 square feet or less$3,019

Water Non-Residential

Meter SizeCost
Up to 0.75 (3/4")$6,093
1 1/2"$19,671

Sewer Residential

Dwelling Unit(s)Cost
Single - Family Residential$2,131
Multi Unit Dwellings (including duplexes)$2,131 for the first dwelling unit in each building, $1,065 for each additional unit within same building.

Sewer Non-Residential

Water Meter SizeCost
Up to 0.75 (3/4") Meter$2,311
1" Meter$3,814
1 1/2" Meter$7,244
2" Meter$11,034
3" Meter$18,784

Questions regarding the cost of a commercial Water PIF should be referred to the Engineering Division of Community Development, 970-375-4810, as those tap sizes are calculated on "fixture count" formulas.

Water Plant investment fees may be reduced by 10% when property owners can demonstrate to Director of Public Works a reduction of 20% of the typical water demand during summer months through use of water saving fixtures and landscaping efficiencies.

Tapping Fees

  • 3/4 Inch Tap $334
  • 1 Inch Tap $340

* All other Taps shall be performed by a qualified contractor

Please contact the Community Development Department at 970-375-4850 for payment and the Utilities Department at 970-375-4801 for scheduling. Tap fees are not collected with PIFs fees.

*Meters shall be sized so that 80% of their AWWA rated capacity is not exceeded by the maximum demand of the proposed use, exclusive of demand for fire protection. Maximum demands shall be determined on a fixture-unit basis as described in the "Uniform Plumbing Code, 1991 Edition" or as revised or supplemented.

Property Outside City Limits

If a property owner desires water service to property located outside the city limits, but within the city's service area, the owner must secure an Implied Consent Agreement requires the property owner to petition the City of Durango to annex the subject property when the property becomes eligible for annexation. The agreement also required the developer to develop the property in accordance with city development standards. The owner must obtain a La Plata County building permit prior to his payment of plant investment fees to the City of Durango.