Commercial Garbage Collection

The City of Durango offers commercial garbage and recycling services for businesses located within City limits.

Discounted commercial recycling rates are offered to businesses that subscribe to the City's garbage collection service.

Save Money, Sign Up Today

Let the City of Durango be your local option for commercial recycling and garbage collection services. Call (970) 375-5004 to find out how much you can save by signing up for the City's Commercial Recycling and Garbage Collection Program.

2022 Monthly Commercial Garbage Collection Rates

Container Size1 Collection Day Per Week2 Per Week3 Per Week4 Per Week5 Per Week6 Per WeekMonthly Rental Fee
2-cubic yard$51.28
3-cubic yard$64.08
4-cubic yard$89.73
6-cubic yard$115.35
8-cubic yard$147.42

Additional Fees

Wildlife Resistant Lids

Wildlife resistant lids are available to commercial customers for $4.35 per month for a four and a half year period.

Click here for more information on minimizing wildlife conflict in Durango.

Extra Collections and Temporary Containers

Additional fees apply for collection that is above and beyond the subscribed service. These collection rates apply to recycling and garbage for each additional service request: There is a $26.39 delivery fee for temporary containers, regardless of size. If the temporary container  is not dumped at least one time in a month from the delivery date, there is a Service fee of $31.67

  • $12.81 for 60- or 90-gallon containers
  • $25.64 for 300-gallon containers
  • $25.64 for 2 CY - 4 CY containers
  • $32.04 for 6 CY containers
  • $38.44 for 8 CY containers


For containers where contamination or illegal dumps are a problem, an auto-locking mechanism may be purchased from the City for a one-time fee of $58.07 plus a $4.22 monthly maintenance fee. If a separate lock is provided by the City for the auto-lock, an additional $4.22 per month will be charged.

Dumpster Cleaning

Power washing recycle and garbage containers:

  • $31.67 for 60-300-gallon containers
  • $52.79 for 2 CY - 8 CY containers

Exchanging Containers

Rates apply for exchanging recycle and garbage containers:

  • $31.67 for 60-300-gallon containers
  • $79.18 for 2 CY - 8 CY containers

Container Dimensions

  • A 2-cubic-yard dumpster is 43 inches deep, 60 inches wide (78 inches at the bars), and 47 inches high
  • A 3-cubic-yard dumpster is 49 inches deep, 60 inches wide, and 55 inches high
  • A 4-cubic-yard dumpster is 50 inches deep, 72 inches wide, and 62.50 inches high
  • A 6-cubic-yard dumpster is 72 inches deep, 72 inches wide, and 73.50 inches high
  • A 8-cubic-yard dumpster is 82 inches deep, 72 inches wide, and 73.50 inches high