City Manager

City Manager’s Responsibilities

The City Manager is the City’s chief administrative officer responsible to the City Council, which includes the mayor. The Manager is responsible for carrying out direction from City Council, the City Charter and bylaws. 

As provided by Charter, the City Manager directs and supervises the departments, offices, and agencies of the City government, seeing that the goals and objectives of the City Council are accomplished and the policies and directives are carried out.

The City Manager is also responsible for development and preparation of the city’s annual budget and capital improvement program, and administers both following adoption by the City Council.

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Mission Statement

We the city, as representatives of the people, shall be accountable and effective guardians of the public trust and resources. We are committed to the provision of effective and efficient public services designed to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of our community. We shall conduct the affairs of our city openly and ethically and manage our growth and development in a manner that respects our environment and preserves the unique character and identity of our community. We view our citizens as our most important resources.

Adopted by the City Council on August 3, 1993.