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AvFlight Corporation

The Durango-La Plata County Airport has contracted with the AvFlight Corporation to provide services to the general aviation at the Durango-La Plata County Airport.

AvFlight can be reached at (970) 259-7400.

Pilot Info

  • Runway: 03/21
  • Runway Length: 9,200 Feet
  • Runway Width: 150 Feet
  • Elevation: 6684 feet - North End of Runway 21
  • ILS Approach: Runway 03
  • ILS Minimum Ceiling: 200 Feet
  • ILS Visibility: 1/2 mile

Rated weight capacity 150,000 pounds – 9,200 feet Dual Wheel Capacity (100% Safety Factor per Engineer) **Snow Removal: No snow removal provided at night between last scheduled aircraft flight until the first aircraft flight the following morning.

Radio Information

APCH / DEP SVC118.575 / 348.7
RCAG134.15 VHF
343.7 UHF

Runway Information

  • Longitude: 107 degrees 45 minutes
  • Latitude: 37 degrees 09 minutes
  • Runway Bearing: 37 degrees north, 22 minutes, 25 seconds east

Runway Lighting Information

ClicksLighting Instructions
3 clicksHIRL (low) VASI (on) REIL (off) MALSR (low)
5 clicksHIRL (med) VASI (on) REIL (off) MALSR (med)
7 clicksHIRL (high) VASI (on) REIL (on) MALSR (high)


  • HIRL - High Intensity Runway Lights
  • VASI - Visual Glide Slope Indicator
  • REIL - Runway End Identification Lights
  • MALSR - Medium Intensity Approach Light System RAIL

For Additional Information

For additional information regarding general aviation services and activities, please visit AirNav.com.

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