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Business Licensing

New Online Business License and Sales Tax Application program

The City of Durango is now processing all licenses in MUNIRevs.  All current licensees will be mailed and emailed MUNIRevs registration information.

Click Here to Apply for a Business License or Sales Tax Only License

IMPORTANT: For businesses that will operate in restaurant, retail, or office space in city limits, please contact the Durango Fire Protection District at 970-382-6000 and Durango Community Development/Building at 970-375-4850 prior to applying for a business license.

  • The variety of properties in the City of Durango often require building upgrades and additional permitting.
  • Building upgrades can be costly.  Please review any building upgrades needed for your business's operations prior to signing a lease.  

Business / Sales Tax License Requirements

When is a Business License required?

  1. If you own a business in Durango city limits (no matter whether it is home based or store front)
  2. If you enter Durango city limits to sell items or to render a service
  3. If you ship items into Durango city limits
  4. If you have recently bought a business (licenses are not transferable between owners)
  5. If you have changed your business location in Durango
  6. A business must have a license for each physical location

In summary, anyone conducting business within the city limits must have an annually-issued license. There is a one-time $30 application processing fee, in addition to the annual fee (which is determined by the number of employees within the city of Durango).

Types of licenses

Annual Business License

1. For any business with a physical presence in Durango

2. Retail sales or service based
3. Employees entering city limits

  • Businesses that are not physically located within the city of Durango that send one or more employees or representatives into the city to sell, repair, or deliver merchandise and/or provide services

4. More details about the Home Occupation Special Use Permit

  • Required for any home based business that is located within city limits
  • Required for businesses that use their home address for state and federal taxes
  • Any work, no matter how small or big, even if it is work managed on a home computer
  • Apply for a SUP at the Community Development Department at River City Hall

Sales Tax Only License

1. For any businesses that make sales and ship items to Durango.
2. No employees entering city limits.
3. Sales tax only licenses are for businesses that have no physical presence in Durango and that do not  send a salesperson or delivery truck or representative into the city, but deliver product into the city  by common carrier.

Event License

  1. Required for special event vendors (farmers market, festivals, bike rally, etc.)
  2. Licenses are available for businesses that are only selling at 1 to 15 events or are selling at more than 15 events in a calendar year. Event business licenses are based on the number of event days.

Who already has a City of Durango Business License?

Click here for two descriptive lists: businesses located inside the city (PDF) and businesses located outside the city (PDF), that have an active business license with the City of Durango.

Recently Issued Business Licenses

Click a link below to review recently issued licenses.

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What is the process for getting a business license application approved?

Applications submitted for businesses located inside city limits are routed from the City Clerk's Office to the Planning, Building, Code Enforcement, and Fire departments to ensure compliance with City Code. A business license cannot be issued without the approval of all four departments.

Additional Documentation

Depending upon the nature of the business, applicants for a business license may be required to submit additional documentation, such as: 1. Proof of insurance in specific limits or occupational bonds

2. Sub-licenses for:

  • Cross connection control technicians
  • Lodgers tax
  • Merchant patrol / private investigators
  • Pawnbrokers / second hand goods dealers
  • River rafting companies
  • Tree trimmers

Sole Proprietors

Business license applicants who are applying as sole proprietors must also submit a lawful presence affidavit (PDF) as required under Colorado Revised Statutes 24-76.5-103.

Refuse Disposal

Business licensees must arrange for the disposal of refuse, including recyclables, by contracting with either the city or private waste removal contractors. To ensure that prospective licenses are aware of their responsibilities, those seeking business licenses for locations within city limits must declare how refuse generated through business operations will be disposed.

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