Enhance the quality of life and regional economy by coordinating, focusing, empowering, and celebrating the community’s creative and cultural resources. Create new opportunities to support local arts and culture organizations on a larger, more impactful scale through the Lodgers’ Tax: Arts and Culture funding. This funding will continue to strengthen the experiences and teachings about creative and cultural practices central to education for people of all ages and to forming a highly functional, inclusive community.


The second year of the Lodgers’ Tax is an exciting time for creatives in our community. Creative Industries are an economic driver, enhancing Durango for our residents and visitors. The Lodgers’ Tax: Arts and Culture funds have created an opportunity for funding creative projects, events, programs, and experiences supported right here in the Durango community.


Please note this is not a comprehensive list of eligible projects, all creative projects are considered. If you have a project that is not listed below, please reach out to Tommy.Crosby@durangogov.org to discuss eligibility.





  1.     Quality of project – were you happy with the quality of the project?
  2.     Creativity – is this a new event or a continuing project?
  3.     DEI components – is the project created by / for, available, accessible, marketed to, and attended by multiple cultures, age demographics, and           communities?
  4.     Community Engagement – how will this project engage various cohorts of our community?
  5.     Collaboration – who did you partner with for this event?
  6.     Off-Season impact – does the project take place outside of the summer months?
  7.     Duration – is this a one-time event, permanent, or temporary project? How will it be maintained?
  8.     Environmental sustainability – does the project abide by, and respect community efforts for environmentally sustainable activities?
  9.     Quality of proposal – does the proposal meet all requirements and include all necessary supplementary documents?

Each category will be scored on a 1 – 9 scale (1 = poor, 9 = exceptional). Evaluations with the highest cumulative score are likely to receive funding closer to their requested amount. Certain categories may not apply to certain projects and that will be considered during the evaluation.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Background & Context
  3. Application Checklist
  4. Supporting Docs

Deadline to Apply:

  • January 31, 2023
    • Funding decisions made on February 28, 2023.
  • May 31, 2023
    • Funding decisions made on June 27, 2023.

How much funding can be requested?

  • Lodgers’ Tax: Arts and Culture funding opportunities are for projects, program, events, and experiences over $5,000.
  • It is likely that projects will be awarded between $5,000 - $50,000.
  • Projects are eligible for funding over $50,000. Please note that the availability of funds, project scale, collaborative effort, and long-term impact on Durango’s Creative Economy would be big factors in a large award.

Should I expect lodgers’ tax to fully fund my project?

  • You should expect Lodgers’ Tax to cover a portion of your project. In 2022, only a handful of projects were fully funded, and the majority received partial funding.
    • If your project is not funded at the full amount, if you provide tiers of funding / various funding options, that will allow the project to be partially funded in a way that makes sense for you instead of the review committee trying to decide what part of the project to fun.
      • Example for hypothetical Youth Metalworking Workshop
        • Option A - $10,000
          • $5,000 for student scholarships
          • $3,000 for metalworking materials and welding equipment
          • $1,500 for teacher stipend
          • $500 for new worktables
        • Option B - $8,000
          • $5,000 for student scholarships
          • $3,000 for metalworking materials and welding equipment
        • Option C – $2,000
          • $1,500 for teacher stipend
          • $500 for new worktables

What if I need help with my application or have more questions?

  • The Creative Economy Commission and Durango Creative District are hosting Lodgers’ Tax: Arts and Culture Q & A’s and application overviews on the following dates:
    • Wednesday, December 7: 4 PM – 5 PM
    • Tuesday, January 10: 12 PM – 1 PM
    • Tuesday, February 7: 4 PM – 5 PM
    • Tuesday, March 21: 11 AM – 12 PM
    • Tuesday, March 21: 6 PM – 7 PM
    • Tuesday, April 18: 11 AM – 12 PM
  • The Durango Creative District is available for one-on-one Lodgers’ Tax: Arts and Culture consulting and assistance, to schedule please reach out to Kathryn Waggener, Director@DurangoCreativeDistrict.org.

When does funding need to be used by?

  • Funding must be used in the same fiscal year it is awarded.
  • The City of Durango’s fiscal year runs from Jan 1 – Dec 31.
  • All reimbursement requests must be submitted by December 1, 2023

Can part of my funding request be used for administrative costs?

  • Administrative costs can be up to 25% of a funding request.

Who reviews the applications?

  • The review Committee is made of up members of the Creative Economy Commission and the Durango Creative District.
  • The Creative Economy Commission has final approval for all funding requests.

Can an organization apply multiple times per year?

  • Organizations can only receive funding once per year for Lodgers’ Tax: Arts and culture funding.
  • If your organization applies in the first round and does not receive funding, you are welcome to apply in the second round.

Can an organization apply consecutive years?

  • Yes - organizations can apply for Lodgers’ Tax funding for consecutive years. Organizations will not be able to apply for additional funding until the project report has been submitted from their previous project.
  • If you received Lodgers’ Tax: Arts and Culture funding in 2022, you are eligible to receive funding in 2023.

Can funding be used for marketing? 

  • No - marketing for your event is not included in the scope of the Lodgers’ Tax: Arts and Culture funding request.
  • Requests for marketing funding can be made to Visit Durango and the Lodgers’ Tax: Sustainable Tourism Marketing funds they have available, that grant application can be found at this link.

What type of reporting will be necessary for this funding?

  • After your project, event, experience, or program is completed, there will need to be a report submitted detailing the scope and impact of your project, event, experience, or program. The outline for this report can be found at this link as well as in the supporting documents section of the application.
  • The City of Durango may follow-up to gather additional information about your project after completion.

Do I need to maintain my artwork?

  • If the artist is maintaining ownership, the artist will be responsible for maintaining the artwork.
  • If the artwork will be owned by the City of Durango, the City will take on maintenance responsibilities.
  • The City will reach out to the artist to gather specifications about materials used and how to ensure an appropriate maintenance plan is created.

What happens if I don’t complete my project before the end of the year?

  • Contact Tommy Crosby, tommy.crosby@durangogov.org, if you think your project will not be completed by the end of the year.
  • Projects can submit multiple reimbursement requests to allow for portions of the project to be completed at a time.
  • Reimbursement for project materials, time, supplies or other aspects of the project are not guaranteed until project has been completed.

Do I need the venue and event space booked before I submit my application?

  • If you do not have the venue or event space booked, you will need to submit a letter or email from the venue or event space you are planning to use confirming that the dates are being held for your event.
    • Projects that have not proactively reached out to check on venue and event space booking (if applicable) will not be prioritized for funding.

I’m not in Durango, can I still apply?

  • Yes – you are still able to apply.
  • Funding decisions will prefer local and regional requests.
  • If you are based outside of Durango, your application will need to clearly show local partnerships and impact on Durango’s Creative Economy.
    • Include letters of support from local partners and make sure if you have contacts or partners listed, that they are aware of and in support of your project.

Is my organization eligible for funding?

  • Most likely yes, individuals, artists, local organizations, non-profits, businesses, groups, among others are all eligible.
  • Foundations and pass-through organizations are typically not encouraged to apply
    • If regranting is an element of your project, please include all details of how this process will occur.

I received funding, do I need to attend a training?

  • Most applicants that receive funding will need to attend 2 – 3 one-hour sessions focused on the basics of working in the Creative Economy. These trainings will focus on starting a business (Legal, Tax, Accounting, HR, Operations, Sales/Marketing), help clarify short-term and long-term goals, identify road blocks and what is needed for the project to succeed, provide tools for tracking and reimbursement requests

How do I submit my application?

  • Beginning December 1, 2022 applications can be submitted at the following link: bit.ly/LodgersTax.

Lodgers' Tax: Arts and Culture Funding Application

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