Boards & Commissions

City Boards, Commissions & Committees

The City of Durango has many boards and commissions, each with specific responsibilities as detailed in the City Charter, the City of Durango Code of Ordinances, the Land Use and Development Code, or the enacting resolution. Each board and commission makes recommendations to the City Council and city staff on matters related to its area of responsibility.

Individuals and groups may present issues to any of the advisory boards or commissions, as each provides opportunities for public comment at its meetings.

Becoming a member of a board or commission is an excellent way to become active in the decision-making process of city government and offers citizens an opportunity to provide expertise in areas of individual interest. All positions are voluntary and vary in length of terms and time commitments.


Interviews and appointments to boards and commissions have been postponed until after the April 2021 municipal election. Applications are accepted at any time. Apply here


Apply online or call (970) 375-5010 to request an application. Submit your application by the deadline on the form. You will be contacted to schedule an interview with members City Council.  


While some boards and commissions do require members to reside within city limits, some board members may be selected from the unincorporated areas of La Plata County at the discretion of City Council.

An individual's eligibility for any city board or commission may vary depending on the vacancy available at the time. Term expirations occur each January 31st for most boards/commissions and interviews are usually scheduled for late January or early February of each year.

If interested in a board, please submit your application at the first of the year to be considered for an interview by City Council. Occasionally, there will be a vacancy that occurs during the year that the City will put an ad in the paper looking for volunteers if someone moved or had to resign.

Additional Information

For information regarding the appointment process of boards and commissions you may contact the the City Clerk's Office via email, or by calling (970) 375-5010.