Library District

The city of Durango, in partnership with La Plata County, is investigating the possibility of forming a library district.

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Why is Durango looking to establish a public library district?

The demand for library services continues to grow. There are close to 33,000 library card holders. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Durango Public Library saw nearly 382,000 patrons personally visit the library. In calendar years 2020/21, electronic use of the library has witnessed nearly double-digit increases. However, despite that increased use, the library's budget is near reliant on sales tax. Sustaining this funding stream has proven challenging and unpredictable, especially during the height of the pandemic. These factors have resulted in reducing library operating hours and services, in addition to continued increases in support from the city's general funds. Creating a library district is considered as a possible option for stabilizing the library’s budget and potentially providing greater services.