COVID-19 Information

The federal mandate requiring masks in all airports and public transportation facilities as well as on aircraft and transportation vehicles nationwide has been suspended effective April 19, 2022. Masks are now optional for all passengers and employees at DRO.   

At DRO, public health and safety is priority number one. We are committed to providing clean, hygienic, and safe facilities for all passengers and employees.  Our custodial staff is maintaining strict cleaning and disinfection of the airport terminal and passenger facilities as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  We've also invested in a number of facility and equipment changes to ensure that the public will remain safe and comfortable while traveling through our airport.  

Some helpful resources for information in our region include:  City of Durango Emergency Management, San Juan Basin Public Health, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the CDC and the COHelp line at 877-462-2911.

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