Share the Road

This year the City of Durango's Multimodal Division is launching an educational campaign with tips on how to safely share the road -- for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders and motorists.

Monthly tips are featured in the Momentum e-newsletter.

November's Share the Road Tip: Ride on the Right, Walk on the Left!

Do you know which side of the road you should walk on when there is no sidewalk? What about when you are biking? Not sure? Well try to remember: walk against traffic, bike with traffic.

If there are sidewalks on either side of the road, it does not matter if you walk with or against traffic since the sidewalk offers you protection from vehicles. If you are walking directly on a roadway you should always walk against traffic. Vehicles should be driving toward you.

When you are on a bicycle, think of yourself as another vehicle on the road. If you are another vehicle, you should be biking with traffic. Don't make up traffic rules as you bike along because erratic biking behavior puts you at risk for crashes.

Studies have shows that a risk of a crash increases five times when you ride without regard for rules of traffic. Your goal is to cooperate with the traffic and help it flow easily.

Remember: ride on the right! Walk on the left!

October's Share the Road Tip

Do you speak HAWK? Does crossing at Camino del Rio and 12th Street give you the chills? It doesn't have to!? Read more (PDF)

September's Share the Road Tip

Cross at Crosswalks. Are you a jaywalker? Jaywalking is common, but there are a few reasons to choose a safer option when crossing the street. Read more (PDF).

August's Share the Road Tip

Slow Down. Have you ever passed the "drive like your kids live here" signs on North College Drive, and thought to yourself, I need to slow down! If so, you likely do! Read more (PDF).

July's Share the Road Tip

Get the Hang of the Roundabout. By learning a few navigation tips, you may find roundabouts are just as simple to use as stop signs. Read more (PDF).

June's Share the Road Tip

Make Eye Contact. Pedestrians, to ensure that drivers see and stop for you, establish eye contact before you start to cross. Read more (PDF).

May's Share the Road Tip

Three Feet for Passing. When passing a cyclist, allow at least three feet of space between the widest point of the cyclist. Read more (PDF).

April's Share the Road Tip

Wear Lights at Night! (And a Helmet!). Spring is here, and the warmer weather and longer days provide plenty of opportunities for great riding -- even at night. Read more (PDF).

March's Share the Road Tip

Motorists, Focus on Driving. Distracted driving is increasingly becoming one of the biggest hazards on our roadways. Read more (PDF).

February's Share the Road Tip

Safety Starts at the Bus Stop. The greatest risk to your child is not actually riding a bus, but approaching or leaving one -- especially at a bus stop. Read more (PDF).

January's Share the Road Tip

Respect the Sharrow. A sharrow is a shared-lane marking indicating where a bicyclist has the right to ride. They can be seen along many Durango streets. Read more (PDF).

If you have a road story you'd like to share, please email Multi Modal Transit.