Pumpkin Drop-off

The annual pumpkin drop-off provides residents with a sustainable option to leaving jack-o-lanterns out as bear attractants or throwing them in the trash.

The 2021 Pumpkin and Leaf Drop-off will take place on Monday, November 1st and Tuesday, November 2nd from 7 am to 6 pm at the La Plata County Fairgrounds in Durango and Pine River Shares in Bayfield.

2021 Pumpkin and Leaf Drop off

2021 Pumpkin & Leaf Drop-off Partners:

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Pine River Shares
Good Food Collective
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2020 Drop-Off:

The 2020 Pumpkin Drop-off took place in Durango and Bayfield on the November 1 & 2 and diverted 3,300 lbs of pumpkins, 200 lbs of apples and over 1,650 cubic feet of leaves from landfill. Pumpkins and apples were donate to local farmers and ranchers for use as animal feed while leaves were collected by Table to Farm Compost.

2019 Drop-Off:

722 pumpkins weight almost 6,000 lbs donated to local farmers and ranchers, 52 bags of leaves diverted for compost.

2018 Drop-Off:

300 pumpkins donated to local pig and cattle farmers and 180 bags of leaves collected for compost.