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EN-4/5/6 ADU Registration Form

  1. Property Owner Information

  2. adu sketch.jpg

  3. You must be the property owner of record to apply for a permit for an existing ADU.

  4. You must be the property owner of record to apply for a permit for an existing ADU.

  5. Property Owner Mailing Address


    If the ADU does not have a separate address, list the address of the primary residence.

  7. ADU Information

  8. Is the ADU in a building that is detached from the main residence or is it integrated within the main house? *

  9. It is important that this is accurate. All areas of the unit that are 5-feet tall or higher must be counted as living space. If the height from floor to ceiling is less than 5-feet it does not need to be counted as living space. Please take time to measure accurately.

  10. Acceptable records to prove date of establishment include: Approved building permit; La Plata County Assessors information verifying construction dates; Old lease agreements/rental contracts; Old utility bills; Dated photos; Historic documents; Other documentation deemed appropriate by City staff.

  11. Is there natural gas service to the ADU?*

  12. Is water service to the ADU provided through the same line as the main house?*

    This is commonly referred to as 'daisy-chained' water service.

  13. Does the ADU use the same sewer line as the main house?*

  14. How many parking spaces are on the property?*

    Do not include parking spaces that are on the street.

  15. Are the parking spaces hard-surfaced with asphalt or concrete?

  16. Does the property owner currently live in either the ADU or the primary residence on the property?*

  17. If you would like to provide any additional information, please write it above.

  18. Conclusion

    Thank you for completing the ADU Request for Pre-Application Form. A Planner from the City of Durango's Community Development Department will contact you shortly to discuss the next steps. In the meantime, you can be collecting other materials that will be required as part of the registration process including, but not limited to: Any information you have about the history of the unit; A scaled site plan of the property; and A floor plan of the ADU


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