Durango Government Television 

DGOV strives to keep the City residents apprised of City government functions and activities as well as community topics of interest. Programming will be as entertaining as possible, while maintaining its information foundation.

DGOV can be viewed in Durango and La Plata County on Charter Spectrum channels 191 and 981 HD; and for antenna users, over-the-air on Channel 10.1. It is also available over-the-air in Montezuma and Dolores counties.

Find more information about Denver 9News on channel 10.2.


DGOV provides community television programs that can be viewed on-demand. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, with updated plug-ins, work best for the following:

  • City Council Meetings - View previous meetings on-demand. The meetings are also replayed frequently on DGOV, giving citizens plenty of opportunities to stay informed. All programs can be purchased for $25 per DVD. To reserve your copy, please email us or call (970) 375-5082.
  • Council Connection - A program designed to give you a snapshot of the happenings of the latest Durango City Council meeting.
  • Special Programs - These DGOV productions are about City and area events, local updates, information about non-profits, and more!